Work Package 6: Dissemination and Exploitation (Lead Organization: Banasthali University)

The dissemination mechanism, that will be implemented, will maximize the visibility, capability, potential and impact of 21stTeach Skills Education programme and the capacity building training course. The dissemination will target six groups:

1. Faculty and academic personnel from partner and neighboring countries

2. Students enrolled in a bachelor degree relevant to education and teaching

3. Teachers (primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs), language teacher trainers, careers officers, educational guides and counsellors, headteachers, principals, managers of schools/organisations offering language education.

4. Teachers associations, teachers-parents associations and similar stakeholders

5. Educational authorities at local, regional or national level

6. The press and general public: will be informed about the project objectives, expected results and impact

It is essential to have a detailed dissemination plan to identify ways to reach the target groups and the beneficiaries of the project. It is equally important to develop a website to advertise the dissemination activities and the networking events which will promote the courses and provide career guidance to graduates. In these networking events, stakeholders, such as educational authorities and school managers will get in contact with students to establish a long-term and sustainable link with the labor market. The targeted events will be organized in order to inform relevant stakeholders at local, regional and national level. Moreover, there will be an exploitation and sustainability plan, crucial for the success of the project and the sustainability of the outcomes.


6.1 Dissemination Plan

6.2 21stcenturyTeachSkills Website

6.3 Networking Events

6.4 Exploitation and Sustainability planning

6.5 Portfolio of dissemination material

· Flyer

· Poster

· Newsletter