Work Package 3: Capacity Building Activities (Lead Organization: Southwest University)


This WP envisages the creation of an education platform which will be delivered. Relevant material will be uploaded, as well as all equipment will be delivered at the space provided by each PC-HEI. The course material used will be based on the material prepared in the WP2. Moreover, online training sessions will be available for the whole academic staff in the Faculty, based on the capacity building course material developed in the previous package. It will be uploaded as a MOOC on the platform. Academic staff who will oversee teaching the educational programme will have to complete both modules whereas the rest of the faculty will have the option to attend virtually the Module 2 which trains them in aligning technology with content and pedagogy and teaches them innovative assessment tools for students’ evaluation. Finally, an e-toolbox will be delivered and uploaded on the 21stTeachSkills Platform, which will provide extra support to the teaching and assessment methods of professors and tutors.


3.1 Delivery of 21stTeachSkills Platform

3.2 Study visits

3.3 Online training sessions

3.4 Delivery of 21stTeachSkills e-toolbox