Work Package 4: Delivery of Educational Programme & Capacity Building Course (Lead Organization: Novel Group Sarl)

This WP will include all the activities related to the delivery, evaluation and accreditation of the educational programme. The programmes will be delivered and tested according to the specifications defined in previous WPs. There will be an internal and external evaluation of the course program which will start running in the 3rd year of the project, based on questionnaire and interview. The internal process of evaluation will be conducted every month with online questionnaires to all students enrolled in the course. Then, a round of interviews will be conducted every 3 months to students and academic staff in order to evaluate the teaching and learning

process. The program will be also externally evaluated every year by a Board of Experts especially concerning the methodology, learning material, students’ response to the modules and it will make suggestions for possible improvement of the outputs. The process of the evaluation will produce two evaluation reports: one interim and one after the second round of running the course that will feed into the Programme Delivery Final Evaluation Report.


4.1 Delivery of 21st century skills Educational Programme

4.2 Delivery of Capacity-Building Program

4.3 Programme Delivery Interim Evaluation Report

4.4 Accreditation Report on developed Course of PC-HEIs

4.5 Programme Delivery Final Evaluation Report